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Beginner Level

Learning Chinese for beginners usually takes time, and you have to be patient with yourself.

Intermediate Level

At the intermediate level of learning Chinese, you pick up new Chinese words and enhance your Chinese vocabulary.

Advanced Level

There's no end to getting better! There's always a scope to improve. Don't worry if you are going slow.

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Reasons why learning Chinese is important

Get new experience your learning Chinese at BRCC.

The biggest benefit of learning Mandarin is that allows you to uncover the mesmerising country of China on your own. If you are not the typical tourist, then take the chance to learn Mandarin, and you will find that on your travels you will unearth the “real China”. Even with limited speaking skills, locals will value the effort and will make a special considerations to welcome you.

China’s vast history and culture is incredibly well-known, with its impact being seen by its appreciation globally. A Chinese language ability will allow you to delve deeper into China’s cultural riches, by being able to explore renowned Chinese novels, short stories, poetry, film, TV and music.

Over the last 35 years, China has transformed itself to become arguably the largest global economy, with China’s boom and its status as a rising global superpower allowing Western Mandarin-speaking businessmen to thrive off the nations riches.

Through opening itself up to the world, China has welcomed foreign investment and economic cooperation. As such, there is a massive demand for people who are able to bridge the gap between this new China and the greater world.

Previously, Mandarin learning could be considered an arduous process involving huge dictionaries, endless character lists and poorly recorded audio tapes. Luckily, there are now much better ways you can learn Chinese. TCB and other platforms, including Pleco, have revolutionised the way students study Chinese, encouraging the little and often approach, with greater proven benefits.

Only through speaking Chinese can someone really experience everything that China and its millennia-old civilisation has to offer. Chinese language skills open up just over 1.3 billion people across China!

Studies suggest that learning Chinese uses more parts of the brain than are required for other languages. As there are numerous differences between learning Chinese when compared with the English language, including tones and characters, it is believed that learning Chinese takes more brain power! Whereas English speakers only use the left temporal lobe, speakers of Mandarin use both. Furthermore, learning to write characters can help with motor skills and visual recognition will keep the mind sharp.

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