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Advanced Level


  • Speaking: A milestone is that you will be able to communicate with Chinese native speakers normally and you will not need to think about your grammar & meaning before you speak out. You will be able to make formal agreements with Chinese businessmen and negotiate business deals.
  • Listening: You will be able to catch maximum meanings of Chinese news announcements (radio and TV) as well as colloquial Chinese used in Chinese movies and TV dramas. Beside this you will understand some local dialect such as north side, north east and south dialect. You will also understand maximum meaning of aged Chinese speakers accent.
  • Reading: A milestone is that you can read Chinese writings beyond your textbooks and you can continue your higher study in Chinese medium. Beside these you can understand business contracts and basic Chinese laws. In this period you can recognize 2500-5000 Chinese words.  
  • Writing: You can write short and long paragraphs, your home work and business concept in Chinese without big barriers. Of course you may need to take help of your dictionary or Chinese friends to make it appropriate.
  • Culture: Now you know much better and deeper about Chinese culture and society for both built-in cultural heritages (e.g. idiomatic phrases) and contents.
  • By the end of the advanced level you can pass HSK level 5 ,even 6 as well.


  • You should watch Chinese drama series and movies more.
  • You should learn more local dialects at this level.
  • You should read long, easy or Chinese novels as much as you can.
  • You should practice your oral Chinese with different ages of native speakers.
  • You should be careful of your tone and grammar.
  • You should focus on idioms and phrases & should find out their meaning and history.

The Belt and Road Chinese Center (BRCC) is a Chinese language and cultural center.“一带一路”汉语中心BRCC)是中国语言文化中心。


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