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Beginner Level

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  • Have to have a very good and clear idea of Pinyin;
  • Need to learn accurate pronunciation and tones. Although it is quite difficult for foreigners to pronounce properly, it is okay if someone can not get appropriate pronunciation at this level.
  • Need to understand basic grammar rules.
  • Be able to engage in communications on topics taught in the textbook orally or in writing.
  • Should recognize 400 or more Chinese characters that form 700 or more Chinese words.


  • Pay attention on the TONE and PRONUNCIATION;
  • Do not go fast in the beginner level otherwise you will face more difficulties later;
  • Try to understand the structure of Chinese character and write according to the rules;
  • Make sure you are writing each characters more than 100 times otherwise you will forget
  • Try to find some native speakers and practice your oral Chinese;
  • DO NOT feel shy or nervous when you speak ; you may make mistakes however you should take it easy.
  • Focus on words more rather than sentences.

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