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Intermediate Level

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  • Speaking: You can clearly express yourself shortly and can communicate with native speakers for daily communication. However you may have a lack of idioms & phrases.
  • Listening: You should understand normal Chinese dialogues and get 75-80% of their meaning. However you may face little problem with local dialect or speedy conversion. 
  • Reading: You can read small paragraphs or small stories with normal Chinese. You can recognize 1,000 to 1,200 Chinese characters or around 3,000 frequently used Chinese words/phrases (including some colloquial and formal expressions).
  • Writing: You can write simple personal letters, you can chat with Chinese native speakers using  Chinese language.  
  • Grammar: You can correctly choose proper structures and sentence patterns frequently used in standard spoken Chinese.
  • Cultural knowledge: You should have a better understanding of Chinese culture and society.


  • This is the time to accelerate your Chinese level fast, however you also need to have a good environment for learning and practicing Chinese language
  • You should listen to more Chinese songs, watch more Chinese movies without English subtitles, watch more TV shows and TV news to improve your listening and standard Chinese.
  • You should speak out and try to find local Chinese to practice your oral Chinese.
  • You should read small paragraphs or stories and newspapers to improve your reading skills.
  • You should practice your writing and focus on the beauty of your handwriting. 

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