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One to One Course

Best Confucius Institute In Bangladesh


There are many learners who want to learn Chinese very quickly, so BRCC provides one to one service for these learners. Our teachers will take one to one class both online and offline for the learners.

Benefit of One to One course:

  • You can learn very fast and appropriate way.
  • You can focus on your specific field you want to improve(Ex: Business Chinese ;HSK practice; Oral Chinese; Interview Chinese; Medical Chinese etc).
  • You can practice your oral Chinese with native speakers.


  • If you want to make business deal with Chinese companies you can choose this course;
  • If you want to pass your HSK within short period you can choose this course;
  • If you work in Chinese company quickly and do not know Chinese you can choose this course;
  • If you want to work as an interpreter you can choose this course

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